Behold the boho braid and its incredible loitering power! Unlike its plebeian brethren (the simple plait), the boho braid is beloved by trendsetting types because it’s a bit of flair for the hair. While braids in general are very utilitarian, these are definitely decorative in nature. Fortunately, they don’t look fussy when the rest of the hair is casually styled or left undone, as the above ladies demonstrate.

Ashley Olsen is always early on the trends, so we weren’t surprised to see that she started experimenting with boho braids back in early 2005. She attended Zac Posen’s fashion show wearing a single braid across her hairline and the rest of her hair pulled back into a messy bun, hidden amongst Gucci sunglasses. Sienna Miller was spotted the following year walking in New York City with her hair in two small, loosely assembled, face-framing braids. The bohemian beauty stayed true to her understated style and let the rest of her hair dry naturally—an earthy touch we appreciate. Peaches Geldof varied the style in 2007 when she attended an LG party in London wearing pinned-back boho braids. Her hairstyle combination of unstructured waves, heavy fringe, and a pair of petite braids was very hippie chic.

Right now, the most popular version of boho braids is definitely a long and loose version of Olsen’s style. Lindsay Lohan wore a front French braid to a soiree on a yacht in Cannes last month. Her thick braid is more of a statement look and is an excellent party hair option (especially in the humid months). Our final example of the lingering boho braid phenomenon is the always well-coiffed Lauren Conrad. As devotees of The Hills no doubt know, Conrad has been trotting out various versions of the boho braid over the past few months. Seen here in the Washington D.C. airport, Conrad reminded us of the true beauty of the boho braid—its adaptability. Whether it’s elevating a casual outfit of jeans and t-shirt or accompanying a dressier look, the boho braid is always a festive touch.