Every cannabis user is looking for easy and effective ways to use the product. While many know the various methods in which to smoke, these days there are more ways than ever to consume cannabis. Whether you are a medicinal smoker or a recreational smoker, the various ways to smoke can affect your overall experience.


Bongs draw the smoke through water which cools the smoke and filters out some of the particulates and harmful resins.

They come in a variety of sizes and materials such as:

  • Glass Bongs
  • Plastic Bongs
  • Ceramic Bongs

Glass and ceramic bongs are notably more fragile that plastic bongs and will break easily. Plastic bongs on the other hand are much more durable in case you drop them.

Peace Pipes

Peace pipes are small glass pipes used for smoking. They do not filter any of the smoke through water and may give the user a harsher smoking experience. These come in a number of sizes making them good when traveling. These typically come in glass but are also available in silicon, which means if you drop the peace pipe it won’t break.


Loose cigarette papers have been used to consume cannabis for centuries but they have changed considerably in recent years. Now they can be found in different flavours as well as sizes. Some people choose to roll their own but there are also joint rollers available that make rolling your cannabis much quicker and efficient. Blunt wraps are cigar wraps used for rolling cannabis and also come in a variety of flavours.


Vaporizers are small electronic devices used for smoking. But instead of using a flame to heat up the cannabis, the cannabis is heated using a coil or heating element. This effectively “bakes” the cannabis producing a vapour instead of a smoke. This is championed by many as being a healthier alternative to smoking as it is much less harmful on the user’s lungs. Vaporizers come in different sizes as well. They can be relatively large like a bong or small enough to fit in your pocket. These are typically available at online smoke shops where all of your smoking needs can be met discreetly. They are your one stop shop for all smoking accessories like bongs, lighters, peace pipes, and grinders. Please remember to follow all local laws regarding cannabis and always use responsibly.