Knowing what thank you presents Singapore to give and when can be challenging, especially if you are trying to impress someone or want something significant.

Here is your guide on thank you gifts:

-Writing a thank you note is the most basic and common gift. This can be anything from a card to an email or text message. Think of this as giving them your time! It doesn’t have to cost money, but it will take some effort on their end by having to read what you wrote down. If they are already expecting something, this might be the last thing they want.

-A physical gift is another common thank you that can range in cost depending on who it’s for and what it is. This could be anything from a small homemade item to an expensive bracelet or watch! It should match your relationship with them, which means no diamond earrings for your best friend.

-Brunch, lunch, or dinner is a great way to thank someone who has been there for you during difficult times. Make sure it’s somewhere they have wanted to go and something that will fit into their schedule!

In conclusion, think about what the person would appreciate and make sure it is something you are both comfortable with. A thank you should never feel like a burden, so relax and enjoy picking out the perfect gift!