What is seiko prospex?

The seiko prospex is a brand that manufactures high quality and handmade watches. These watches are mostly under the category of sports watches, so they are stylish, rugged, and classic. These watches’ specialty is that they stay just as fine in water for up to two hundred meters as they stay above the ground. These watches’ water-resistant feature makes them perfect for people who love sports activities and professional swimmers and scuba divers. The word prospex has been abbreviated from “professional specifications.” Some of the watches from this brand are quite popular among sports enthusiasts and are also quite expensive.

Is seiko prospex certified?

These watches are certified by ISo-6425. The certification means that they are real divers’ watches. It is not easy to earn the ISO-6425 certificate; you have to have certain qualities to be good enough to get it. First of all, the watch should be water-resistant up to two hundred meters in water and, the other thing is that the bevel of the watch should be unidirectional. If the watch has precisely these qualities, it will qualify for the certificate, which implies that the brand makes great watches and of high quality. You can buy them from any online store.