These are several ways that you can try at home to make your clothes and accessories look more fashionable and interesting. Velcro patches are a breath of fresh air and an effective and fun way to make your clothes and other stuff look as good as new as if you just bought it. Velcro patches can be used again and again on various things like jackets, coats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves, and shirts. You can even put them on your handbags or backpacks to give them a fun and cool look.

What are the different methods of design making on the top of these Velcro patches?

You can get designs, patterns, picture, text or any type of art attached on the top of the Velcro patches. These art patches can be made by several ways such as by the way of embroidery, that is, the pattern is made by sewing on the piece of cloth with the help of a needle and colorful and vivid threads. You can also get the art printed by modern printing techniques, get them woven or even dyed. Leather embossing or leather engraving is another option that you can give a try to.

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