Because the cost of stairlifts can vary significantly, it is recommended to shop around, just as you would with anything else these days. A very basic model with no optional additions such as platforms or motorised hinge rails will typically cost between £1200 and £2400, depending on the manufacturer and model.

All stairlift manufacturers provide a free on-site assessment to determine the condition of the existing staircase as a first step in the process of installing their product. This is a rough estimate that will vary depending on the results of the survey.

Curved vs. Straight

A curved stairlift will be significantly more expensive than a straight one, with prices ranging from £500 to £5000. It is often possible to find used stairlifts for less than half the price of new ones, even without additional features such as powered hinge rails, making this a viable alternative when shopping for the best budget stairlifts.

Obtain Quotes

If you’re considering putting a stairlift in your home, start by collecting a list of reliable stairlift companies and then obtain multiple stairlift quotes in Dunstable. After that, representatives from the company will come to your home to discuss the range of alternatives available, the basic rates, the cost of optional upgrades, and the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing versus renting.

After narrowing down the options to a single manufacturer, engineers will conduct a survey before installing the stairlift, which should be provided at no cost to the customer.