With 2020 fast approaching and alongside it, engagement season, it only seems fitting that we take a look at what trends we should expect to see. From lots of colour and sparkle to various gemstone shapes, centre stones and more, there’s plenty to be aware of whilst planning your heartfelt proposal.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most notable trends that are set to flood your Instagram feeds in no time at all.


It’s common knowledge that the Georgian era had a massive impact in the jewellery industry. From introducing pearl accents and cluster settings, not to mention the rose cut diamond, there’s no shortage of Georgian themes in the world of engagement rings. Perfect for adding a vintage touch on a modern design, expect the formerly mentioned features to be present in plenty of ring styles to come.


The rise in the popularity of colored diamonds and gemstones is unparalleled. This isn’t set to slow down come 2020; we’re set to see even more of it. From blues, pinks, purples and even a splash of green, colour is a perfect way to make your unique mark on an engagement ring and stand out from the rest. And, who doesn’t love a bit of personality on a ring?


Verragio has been a leading designer of engagement rings for over 20 years and for good reason. Full of artistic flair and creativity, they’re well known for their fluid styling and incredibly delicate embellishments. All Verragio engagement rings are handcrafted and have to be admired for the high attention to detail and it’s no wonder that we’re set to see more and more of these in 2020.

Emerald Cuts 

There’s no denying that diamonds of varying shapes have made their way into the limelight. One of the most poignant of these is the Emerald cut, consisting of sharp rows of facets and a beautiful, geometric shape. For a ring that’s just as glamorous as you are and suitably modern, this is a perfect choice.

Multi-Stone Bands

A great way of filling your ring with multiple diamonds, these bands are full of stones in linear clusters and the result is completely awe-inspiring. There’s plenty of ways you can make these unique too, from varying shapes and cuts, but some have been known to vary the sizes of the individual stones too, not to mention the colors. If you want a ring full of life, or maybe you’re just having trouble choosing just one, this is the perfect solution.


In recent times the solitaire has taken somewhat of a backseat to halos, but we’re about to see an almighty comeback. So, good news for fans of all things classic, the infamous style with a stone front and centre is on its way back in. A delightfully simple design that is favored by the traditional, keep your eye out for its resurgence.