If you are just starting off and you are not a skilled fisherman, you can try lake fishing to learn your trade. Small inland lakes are the perfect setting for beginners who want to learn how to fish in a simple environment. Lake fishing is a lot different from fishing on the open ocean as it is calmer and more accessible. Here are some tips to help you get started with lake fishing.

Type of Fish

Freshwater fish that you find in a lake are different from fish that live in the ocean. Before you go lake fishing, it is best to do some research on the type of species you would like to catch. Look at lakes near you and see what type of fish inhabit the lake. When you are buying bate or fishing gear in Australia, you can choose the right items to ensure your trip is a success.

Think about the fish you want to catch and find out what is the best season to catch them. Be sure to find out about freshwater fishing licences.

Feeding Habits

Fish have different feeding habits, so you must find out about this before you start fishing. Once you know your preferred species, you can choose the best bait and tackle to use. As a beginner, it is best to stick to live bait, as there are many techniques to master when it comes to artificial lures. Using live bait gives you the best chance of catching something as a novice.

Where to Fish

Before you go freshwater lake fishing, you should learn more about the structure of the lake. Certain types of lake fish like to stay closer to the shoreline and are easier to catch. Other types of lake fish prefer to spend their time in the open water and can be more difficult to catch.


There is plenty of great online resource to help beginners get started with lake fishing. YouTube has lots of useful channels and videos that give tips on how to tie a knot, rigging, how to land fish, and other valuable information.

Before you go lake fishing, it makes sense to check the weather forecast to ensure there is a good day ahead. Aside from checking the weather for safety reasons, it can also affect the behaviour of the fish in the lake. Now that you are more prepared, your excursion will be more enjoyable.