When it comes to food, no one likes eating from a used plate or with stained utensils. The same should be applied to your bongs if you happen to own any. Finding good bongs online and having a clean and pristine bong is important as it not only keeps you healthy by being free from additional toxics but also can prolong and maintain the bong’s life while also increasing the quality of your hits.

Regular cleaning is important to have good tasting bong hits as nothing ruins the flavor than a dirty bong. Part of knowing and owning a bong is how to clean it. Here in this article, we’ll go over a simple guide and tips for maintenance for your bong.

STEP 1. Gathering the Supplies

Cleaning a bong isn’t difficult as it doesn’t require anything fancy and can mostly be found around your household. Although, using specialized products specifically for cleaning a bong will do just as well. That being said, you would most likely need to following things:

  • Hot Water
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 90% or higher
  • Sea Salt
  • Cotton Balls and Q-Tips
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Hand Towels

Everything listed above speaks for itself as the water and alcohol are what we primarily use to clean and sanitize the bong. The salt is used to remove any built-up tar and resin when you shake the bong inside the Ziploc bag. The Q-Tips and cotton balls are used to clean the harder to reach places while the hand towels are used for drying.

STEP 2. Mix your Cleaning Solution

Before we dismantle our bong, we first need to make our cleaning solution that’s made with alcohol and salt. Alcohol is used as the cleaning agent as it helps breakdown the resin that’s been building up inside while also sanitizing it from any unwanted bacteria. The salt is used alongside the alcohol to be some sort of abrasive that scrubs the walls and lining inside the bong as you shake it later. Mix in both materials in a portion of 1 Tablespoon of salt for every ¼ cup of alcohol or 2 tablespoons of salt for every ½ cup of alcohol added.

STEP 3. Take Apart your Bong and Rinse

Take apart your bong and rinse with hot water before placing each piece inside Ziploc bags. You can wear some dishwashing gloves when you rinse them with hot water to protect your hands. Hot water is a good way to remove filth and start the cleaning process.

STEP 4. Use your Cleaning Solution

After we rinse and separated each part, pour in the cleaning solution inside the bong and the Ziploc bags. Pour in enough for each part and start shaking the bag or bong to make sure it gets everywhere. The more you shake it, the cleaner it gets.

Make sure all the holes are sealed properly and secured nicely.

STEP 5. Dry Everything and Reassemble

When you think you’ve cleaned enough, pour and dispose of everything properly and proceed to dry up the bong and its small part before reassembling it. You can leave them out for a while to make sure everything is dry and clean. An additional note you can try after this is adding two drops of lemon juice to the water inside the bong to help resin from building up fast.